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Hi and welcome to my website !

My name is Alain Garcia, I'm a self taught Tattoo Artist. 
I started tattooing at the end of 1996 in France.

I'm specialised in Black and Grey Realism.

Dark and Horror theme lover.


I finally went back to Europe after being tattooing 13 years in Australia and New Caledonia (Sydney, Melbourne,Surfers Paradise and Noumea) and set up home in Spain in March 2019.
Since June I'm permanently tattooing 
in Tarragona  at the studio  ZION TATTOO FAMILY.

If you understand everybody is different and each tattoo must be unique.

If you like my style and want something similar.

Or not quite sure about what you want but think I can help you to get the tattoo which suits you.

Then don't hesitate to book a free consultation for a chat and I'll design a custom piece which stands out from the crowd.

See you soon !

Despite I began tattooing big pieces in full bright colours, I fell in love quickly with the grey wash style, and it's naturally I started doing (almost) only black and grey tattoos since 2000.

Below some of my favourite tattoos from those crucial years 2000 and 2001.



You have to wash your hand every time before doing your aftercare or even touching your tattoo.

Generally, the healing process takes about 3 weeks, but it depends on the kind of tattoo, the size, the area and the healing capacity of your body, according to that the healing process can be shorter or longer.

During all this time your tattoo can not be: immersed at the beach or at the pool, no sauna or spa, in contact with sand or exposed to the sun.


Keep the plastic wrap for the next 2 hours.

And then take it off, with your hand wash your tattoo with warm soapy water, do not use bath sponge or anything similar.

Dry your tattoo gently pressing with paper towels and without rubbing it.

Apply a small amount of aftercare balm/cream,  just a fine layer as your skin needs to breathe.

For the following 2 weeks, you have to wash and apply the balm/cream 3 times a day.


Do not cover again your tattoo with plastic wrap or any kind of bandage.

Do not scratch or even help the skin or crust to fall out, that have to peel naturally.


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